March 2018

The schedule for March 2018 and the tuition info are given below. Note that there will be no classes on March 1st, only private lessons on March 2nd, and only two classes (Drama and Contemporary) on March 3rd. The remaining four full weeks will have all the classes according to the schedule.

Classes in Room 1 are taught by Inna Esipova. Classes in Room 2 are taught by our guest teachers.

Ballet III classes will be reintroduced when the demand for them increases. (Meanwhile, students at that level are encouraged to register for private classes.)

4:15-4:45 private
4:45-5:15 Pre-Ballet I
5:15-6:45 Ballet I
6:45-8:00 Adult Ballet Beginners
8:00-9:30 Rehearsals for Adult Ballet Beginners and Intermediate

4:15-5:30 Pre-Ballet III
5:30-6:15 Pre-Ballet II
[Room 2] 5:30-6:30 Character Dance (for Pre-Ballet III, Ballet I, II)
6:30-8:00 Rehearsals for Pre-Ballet II, III and Ballet I, II
8:00-9:30 Adult Ballet Intermediate and Ballet II (with pointe)*

[morning] 10:00-10:30 Pre-Ballet I
[morning] 10:30-10:50 First Ballet Steps
4:15-5:45 Ballet I
5:45-7:00 Pre-Ballet III
7:00-8:15 Adult Ballet Beginners
8:15-9:15 private

Thursday (except March 1st)
4:15-5:45 Ballet I
5:45-7:00 Stretch & Strength (for Pre-Ballet III and Ballet I, II)
7:00-8:30 Adult Ballet Intermediate and Ballet II
8:30-9:30 private

4:15-9:00 private

Saturday (except March 3rd)
10:00-11:00 private (taken)
[Room 2] 10:00-11:00 Drama (for Pre-Ballet III, Ballet I, II) (except March 31st)
11:00-12:30 Pre-Ballet III and Ballet I
[Room 2] 12:30-1:30 Contemporary Dance (for Pre-Ballet III, Ballet I, II) (except March 10th)
12:30-1:15 Pre-Ballet II
1:15-1:45 Pre-Ballet I
2:00-3:00 Barre on the Floor (for Pre-Ballet II, III; Ballet I, II; Adults)
3:00-4:15 Adult Ballet Beginners
4:15-5:45 Adult Ballet Intermediate and Ballet II (with pointe)*

Saturday March 3rd
[Room 2] 12:30-1:30 Drama (for Pre-Ballet III, Ballet I, II)
[Room 2] 1:30-2:30 Contemporary Dance (for Pre-Ballet III, Ballet I, II)

*Students who are not yet ready for pointe work will do the exercises on half points.

Monthly Tuition (per student)

Monthly tuition is calculated by adding the costs for each of the registered class as listed below.


“All of the above” tuition
$350/month (classes covered are subject to director’s approval per student)

Tuition payment policies: due first class of the month; $10 late fee added if payment is not received in full within a week after the first class; $20 fee for each returned check; no refunds are given for any reason. Cash or check payments only (write checks to ‘Inna Ballet’).

Missed classes policy: make ups are allowed only in the same month as the missed classes; for classes that are offered only once a week, make-up class can be chosen from another group of classes that are offered more frequently.

Drop-in classes:
$15 for 30 minute Pre-Ballet I classes
$20/hour for all other classes

Private and Semi-private lessons

Private and semi-private 30, 60 and 90 min lessons can be scheduled on any day and time that works both for you and the instructor. Payment is due at the beginning of the class. (Cancellations are free if requested more than 24 hours in advance; 1/2 price is due if giving less than 24 but more than 12 hour notice; 3/4 price is due when notice is given between 6 and 12 hours; full price is due with less than 6 hour notice or no-show.)

Private lessons:

Semi-private lessons:

Discounts (for private and semi-private lessons):
10% if taking more than 5 hours per month;
20% if taking more than 10 hours per month

General Policies

Schedule is subject to change. A class can be canceled if less than 3 people are enrolled.

No classes on official holidays (but private lessons may be available).

Classroom Rules
* Street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.
* Students must be dressed in the appropriate attire for the class.
* Student’s hair must be pulled away from the face, and if long enough, must be secured in a bun. No jewelry in the studio.
* No gum, food or drink, except water, in the studio.
* Students arriving late must wait at the door until permitted to enter the studio.
* Disruptive behavior in classroom will result in student’s removal from the studio (and possibly from the class, with no refund, if disruptive behavior continues).
* To lessen distractions in the classroom, parents may only observe the last class of the month.

Class Attire for Girls:
Pre-Ballet I, II, III : see InnaBallet_DressCode_2017-2018
Ballet I, II, III: see InnaBallet_DressCode_2017-2018
Adult Ballet: Black camisole leotard; ballet pink or black fully footed (or convertible) seamless tights; black skirts (optional); pink or black ballet slippers.

Class Attire for Boys:
Pre-Ballet I, II, III : White T-shirt, black shorts, white socks, white ballet slippers (not leather).
Ballet I, II, III: White short-sleeve T-shirt, black dance footed tights, white socks and white ballet slippers (not leather).
Adult Ballet: White short-sleeve T-shirt, black dance footed tights, black ballet slippers.