Below is the description of the classes offered, together with the corresponding requirements. Placement of students in the classes will be determined by the director based on students’ ages, skills and other factors.

Pre-Ballet Program (ages 3-8)

A fun but disciplined introduction to the world of dance. The classes develop coordination, large motor skills, musical and spatial awareness, as well as listening skills. Age appropriate ballet vocabulary is included, complemented by stretching and strengthening exercises as preparation for more formal training. One 30 min class for Pre-Ballet I group (3-5 years old) and three 45 min classes for Pre-Ballet II group (6-8 years old) are offered each week.

Class Attire for Girls: Pink leotard, ballet pink footed tights (no cut-off tights), pink ballet slippers (not leather). Hair in a bun, no jewelry.

Class Attire for Boys: White T-shirt, black pants, white socks, white ballet slippers (not leather).

Preparatory Program in Classical Ballet

This Program provides comprehensive dance instruction based on Russian Vaganova method of teaching ballet. In addition to developing a strong body and strong technique, students gain valuable life skills such as self-discipline, a strong work ethic, and confidence.

Level 1
This class features introductory ballet classes in barre technique and improvisation. Emphasis is given to learning ballet vocabulary and correct placement.

Level 2
Students begin a more formal study of classical ballet through age-appropriate skill development, creative expression, and music appreciation to develop the self-discipline necessary to continue the study of classical ballet.

Level 3
This class features barre technique, floor technique and improvisation. Students develop practical skills, muscular self-control and basic coordination.

Level 4
Students are exposed to a variety of more advanced skills, including muscle control, proper posture, balance and expressiveness. Pointe work begins.

Level 5
This level concentrates on the mastery of more complex movements and combinations. The ongoing development of performance skills is stressed.

Level 6
This level continues mastery of increasingly complex movements. Basic partnering begins.

Ballet Variations (for students at Level 5 and 6)
Students learn dance variations from classical ballets.

Currently, the classes are split according to the following age groups, with some adjustments depending on students’ level.

Ballet I (ages 8-12)

Combines Levels 1 and 2. Three 60 min classes offered each week. Students can also attend Adult Ballet Beginners classes (75 min each).

Ballet II (ages 12-15)

Combines Levels 3 and 4. Three 75 min classes offered each week. Students can also attend Adult Ballet Intermediate classes (90 min each).

Ballet III (ages 16-20)

Combines Levels 5 and 6.

Class Attire for Girls: BLACK camisole leotard; ballet pink fully footed (or convertible) seamless tights, pink ballet slippers (not leather), hair must be in a neat bun, no jewelry in class.

Class Attire for Boys: White short-sleeve T-shirt, black dance footed tights, white socks and white ballet slippers (not leather).

Character Dance (for students in Level 5 and 6)
Students learn traditional folk dances (often used in famous classical ballets) such as czardas, flamenco, mazurka, tarantella, gypsy, Russian, etc. This class will be offered when the students are ready for it!

Class Attire for Girls: Black leotards, black character skirts, pink tights, black character shoes.

Class Attire for Boys: White short-sleeve T-shirt, black dance footed tights, black character shoes.

Ballet classes for a wide audience

Adult Ballet Beginners (ages 16 and up)
Easy ballet classes for adult dancers; correspond to Levels 1 and 2. Three 75 min classes offered each week.

Adult Ballet Intermediate (ages 16 and up)
Easy ballet classes for adult dancers with previous ballet experience; correspond to Levels 3 and 4. Three 90 min classes offered each week. (Depending on the demand, some of these classes could be converted into classes for professional ballet dancers.)

Barre on the Floor (ages 5 and up)
Easy but very effective ballet classes: perform ballet exercises while lying on the floor (please bring a yoga type mat with you). Great for people needing rehabilitation exercises (for example, after strenuous activity, injuries or prolonged physical inactivity). Useful as a complement to regular ballet classes. With a slight variation of the routine, these classes are also great for boys/men looking for an effective way to build their muscles (especially lower abs). One 60 min class offered each week.

Private classes (ages 5 and up)
Private 30, 60 and 90 min classes are offered (please contact the director to schedule them). Such classes would be very beneficial to the student as they allow one-on-one interaction with the instructor, and the exercises can be chosen to address the student’s needs.