Thank You Letter

It is always a great pleasure for me to share my professional Classical Ballet experience with my students, and to see how they advance both in understanding the ballet technique and in appreciating all the aspects of dance. It is then particularly rewarding to receive warm and kind feedback like in the letter below. Thank you, Amelia! And thank you to all my students for your support and kind words. — Inna Esipova

Hi Ms. Inna,

I thought I would be able to attend one more of your adult beginner’s ballet classes before I left town, but between the cancer genetics class I was taking online and my job I was not able to, so I never had a chance to say goodbye to you and everyone at the studio.

I am back in Virginia and I start school on Monday. I will not return back to Rochester until next summer, but when I do I will be staying for at least two years, and I will look forward to continuing my studies of ballet at your studio when I return to Rochester!

I just wanted to let you know that you are by far the best ballet teacher I have ever had, and I have learned more during the month I spent at your studio than I have anywhere else. The amount you care about your students and the correctness of their technique meant a lot to me. In particular, a lot of ballet instructors that I have met do not pay much attention to their adult students – perhaps because adult ballet students do not have the potential of a dance career in front of them. However, you payed as much attention to your adult students as you did your younger students, and this above all meant a lot to me because I was able to learn from you proper, correct ballet technique (but of course, I still have much to learn!).

For this, I am extremely grateful to you, and I cannot wait to continue to learn ballet from you next year when I come back to Rochester!

Thank you so much,
Amelia Clark