New Schedule and Brochure

The schedule for February has been posted. In a different format, the schedule is also given in this brochure (intended to be tri-folded):

Or perhaps you would prefer this version that can be used without folding.

You could help spread the word about the school by distributing this brochure to places of your choice (you could either print copies yourself, or request them from me). Thank you!!!

Folk Dance – Russian School

Character (historical and folk) dances are present in many classical ballets. Accordingly, every classical ballet dancer must learn the techniques of these dances. And they are so much fun, that you will definitely enjoy learning and dancing them!

Russian Ballet School, in particular, pays a lot of attention to character dances, and they are part of the curriculum both at The Bolshoi and Vaganova Ballet Academies.

For example, take a look at these 2009 videos where ballet students (at The Bolshoi Ballet Academy) demonstrate their skills at character dances:

Igor Moiseyev was the founder of the Russian tradition of professional approach to Folk Dances. In 1937, he created his now famous Moiseyev Dance Company. Here are a few videos showing the results of his work, and they are a real pleasure to watch! (The first two are from the 2007 concert dedicated to 70 years of the dance company.)

My Favorite Ballet Dancers

Among today’s ballet dancers, I particularly enjoy watching Natalia Osipova, Svetlana Zakharova and Ulyana Lopatkina. Below is a selection of YouTube videos which demonstrate their talents.

Natalia Osipova:

Svetlana Zakharova:

Ulyana Lopatkina:

Boys in Ballet

For boys interested in taking ballet classes, here is a selection of videos available on YouTube that shows the level you will be able to achieve in my school.

First, here is a 2005 video from Munich, Germany in which my former employer and teacher, famed Russian ballet master Alexander Prokofiev, is giving an exam to students he taught:

Second, here are two videos showing a group of students of Ilya Kuznetsov, a teacher at Bolshoi Ballet Academy, at the time of their graduation from the Academy in 2010: